The small town of Batavia just east of Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s a picturesque town of tree-lined streets, well-kept homes, and a small but friendly business district. Amelia is where Tony Iannelli grew-up, worked, and raised his family. So it should come as no surprise he located his business here.

The manufacturing plant borders woods where deer, raccoon, possum, and songbirds can be seen from the back windows. It’s a modern plant--new, clean, bustling with activity. At a time when America is losing manufacturing jobs, Gutter Topper is bucking the trend and adding them.

On the plant floor, you’ll find sophisticated digitally controlled manufacturing equipment others don’t have. Each machine was uniquely built to flawlessly produce Gutter Topper’s patented designs. Imperfections aren’t tolerated here.

Mic Iannelli, Tony’s son, watches over the manufacturing process, making sure that each and every rolling foot of the Gutter Topper gutter guard is carefully and consistently crafted.

Mic learned craftsmanship from his father. And now, as the third generation of Iannellis enters the business, they’re learning it from him.
To some, these heartland values may seem corny or old-fashioned. But we’ll proudly stack-up our Made in the U.S.A product against the best other places can produce. And you know what? We—and you—will be the winners.